Walk out the house

Pleasant pastime: five tips for a quick and efficient exit from home with a baby

A new baby coming home is without a doubt one of the most significant changes we will experience in our lives – from the nights that become shorter, through an entirely new agenda to the habits we are forced to adopt to adapt to the new tenant.

But not only is the home undergoing change, and as every parent understands already in the first days of the home – the first exit outside becomes more complicated and cumbersome than ever, and includes an infinity of tasks that must be done ahead of time. We have compiled for you five winning tips that will make order and make the first exits from home simpler and faster.

  1. Consider the hours : As any couple who experiences parenting for the first time understands – spontaneity, probably in the first months, gives way to planning and thought. It is important to plan well in advance to make the departure from home more pleasant. Try to consider the new baby’s sleeping hours, understand that going out may wake him up during waking hours, and adjust yourself to his sleep cycles so that he does not get into a state of excessive fatigue outside the home.
  2. Plan location and feeding time : There is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing that the baby is hungry and that it will take us (some) more time until we can feed him. So try to plan where you will be when hunger strikes, and try to be in a quiet and calm place so that you can devote your full attention to feeding. For example, it is worth planning trips during the baby’s sleeping hours, so that he does not wake up hungry in the middle of a traffic jam or driving on a highway.
  3. Make a list : Lists are the best friends of new parents. The stress of packing for a first outing can make us forget important things, and there is nothing more stressful than getting stuck without a diaper or bottle. Make a list in advance of all the things the baby may need – from diapers, bottles and change of clothes to things like diaper ointment and bottles with pre-boiled water.
  4. Pack extra : Do not arrive unprepared, and always pack more than you think is necessary. Do not be surprised if a baby who does not ejaculate at all suddenly decides to ejaculate several times or if you will need more diapers than usual. In addition, to allow for a certain amount of spontaneity, prepare a bag that will last for more hours than you plan to spend outside – so that you can control your time a little more and not have to go home just because you did not pack another bottle.
  5. Get ready immediately: The most important thing to understand is that it is impossible to prepare for everything that will happen when you leave the house, and yet – even if all the pacifiers you made fell on the floor or you were left without wipes, there is always the option to improvise. Whether by momentarily entering the Pharm chain to re-equip, requesting a staff member at a coffee shop to boil water (you’d be surprised, they’re used to such requests) or even help from another parent at the playground. The most important thing in case you are missing something for the baby is to stay calm, also for the baby and especially for you.

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