Baby Clothing

New Baby Clothes: The right outfit for your baby in the first month

Congratulations, you are parents! Now all that is left is to get to know the new person who has joined the family, take care of him and create a routine together that will work for all of you (and also understand that even though you have created a routine, every day brings with it something new). One of the first questions most parents face is what exactly to wear to a newborn baby.

If you too are undecided, we have prepared for you some tips to help you decide every morning (and noon, and evening) what your baby is going to wear:

Layers : Until the age of three months, the mechanisms that regulate the baby’s body temperature are immature and that is why it is important to maintain body heat with the help of clothes. It is advisable to dress babies in long clothes, with one more layer than you wear (that is, if you wear a long shirt, add another long layer to it, and if you are wearing a tank top – a long, thin shirt should suffice). In addition, it is advisable to protect their head with a hat to prevent heat loss.

comfort : It is important to remember that babies move and move, and to keep clothes that allow them maximum movement. Make sure you have natural, breathable and comfortable fabrics that will not restrict them and on the other hand be the right size, and not too big or too small for their size.

Overalls compared to a shirt and pants : The baby’s head is larger than the rest of his body and in the first months is particularly delicate. This is also the reason why many parents prefer to dress soft babies in an overall that closes in the chest and abdomen area, as opposed to shirt-like overalls that require parents to thread the baby’s head through the designated opening. On the other hand, it is easier to change a baby’s diaper wearing an overall that opens only in the diaper area, and not along the entire body, so in this case it is a personal preference that comes from experience.

Buttons and ticks in front of Reachers: Richter’s overalls are popular with parents for the speed with which they allow the baby to get dressed and undressed – which is especially important when changing a diaper, especially in the middle of the night. And yet, when the baby is wearing an overall that includes “ticking” in the diaper area, we can change it without opening the entire overall – an action that allows him to maintain his body temperature during the change.

Simple overall versus suit: Many parents enjoy dressing their children in special and cute suits – especially in light of the fact that there are countless suits on the market that make us all smile and not be able to resist purchasing them. The important part when buying a suit is to make sure that it is not cumbersome or restricts the baby’s movement – that the headband does not press (nice as it may be) and that there are no rubber bands or elements that could interfere.

Colors : It used to be clear that boys wear blue while girls wear pink, but today – with the new range of colors in stores, it is no longer necessary to stick to one color. The most important thing is to enjoy the dressing process and not be afraid to experiment – whether it is pleasant and soft shades of gray, bright neon colors or even black for an irresistible baby rock star look.