Baby Bath

The complete guide to the perfect bath

Taking a bath for a new baby is one of the most stressful activities for new parents – many even ask for help from parents, friends or professionals to deal with the first few days alone with the new member of the family. It is true that the maternity ward explains to us how to diaper, bathe and lift the baby, but when we get home – the fears arise and everything seems more complicated.

We have put together for you these tips that will help you get through the bath easily, and make the activity fun and enjoyable, for you and the new baby:

When to take a bath : It is advisable to take a bath once a day (less, on particularly cold days) and always before the meal (whether it is a bottle or breastfeeding). A bath soothes and tires the baby, so it is recommended to connect it to the sleeping ceremony and make it part of the baby’s agenda, in order to create healthy sleeping habits for him from the very first moment.

temperature : It is recommended to take a bath at a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius – you can measure the water using a thermometer and perform another test using the elbow – the elbow should be dipped in water, and if they are pleasant to us – they will be pleasant for the baby as well. In addition, it is important to heat the room, so that there are no significant temperature differences in the transition from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Pay attention to the folds : When bathing the baby it is important to pay attention not only to the buttocks, but also to the various folds in which dirt can accumulate – the neck, armpits, elbows, groins as well as behind the knees and between the fingers. These are places that are not ventilated and it is important to keep them clean, especially to prevent infections.

Soap : The baby’s skin is extremely delicate and thin, and it may lose moisture quickly. It is advisable to choose dedicated preparations with a PH level that is suitable for sensitive skin and to avoid products that contain parabens. Dedicated bath oil can be instilled directly into the bath water and used as a gentle soap for bathing, and it is especially important to take care of products that have been dermatologically tested and given a standard mark.

preparation: Be sure to prepare all the products you will need during and after the bath in order to be on hand. Never leave a baby unattended in the bath, not even for a moment, so early preparation will allow you to proceed efficiently and comfortably. Prepare the towel, change of clothes, diaper, soaps and oils so that you do not have to look for them in the moment of truth.

Immersion in water : It is important to put the baby in the water slowly, in order to allow him to get used to the experience. You can even wrap it in a cloth diaper to give it a comforting wrap feel. Hold it securely, while supporting the body and head, start from the legs and carefully and slowly insert the rest of the body, providing maximum support and confidence with the help of the hand.

Drying and wrapping : Wrap the baby in a soft towel washed with dedicated washing powder and be sure to wrap his head. Gently pat the towel on the baby’s skin and avoid wiping, so as not to irritate or dry the skin. Even at this stage it is important to pay attention and dry the folds of skin. You can use a dedicated body lotion or body oil to maintain the moisture in the baby’s skin, before dressing it in pajamas.