This means that the product is no longer in stock at our supplier.

We update the customer by email or message to the mobile phone while shipping on the progress of the shipment.

You are not charged for shipping, it may appear on the shipping cost invoice, but you did not pay for it.

It is highly likely that your order has been split into several suppliers, unless we have informed you that some of the products are unavailable, then your order will be accepted in full and shipped by several suppliers.

No, we are an online shop only, so we only ship the products to our customers.

Our address is 30 Haarbaa Tel Aviv, but we are not a physical store, only online.

Once you have a voucher to use on the site, you can choose products to buy, and on the payment page, enter the voucher number, and it will deduct the amount of the voucher from the amount to be paid, currently, you can pay the balance left after the voucher discount only by credit card.

We try to answer immediately and up to an hour, but sometimes there is a load on our customer service, but it will never take us more than 24 hours to answer you.

We will never pass on your credit card information to anyone,
We do not even have access to your credit card information, the credit is secured by our payment processors with the highest encryption standards.

Because we make sure the products are delivered from several different stores, there is no one right answer, but the time range is about 3 days to 14 days.

No, it is possible to create a list even without registering.

But it is still mandatory to enter the owner details of the list.

No, you can buy products on our site even if you do not register on the site.

The site constantly checks for the availability of the products, if the product is out of stock from the stores we scan, the product will be removed immediately from the site so that there is no problem that the product is ordered and can not be delivered.

No, you can add as many products as you want, with the goal that your friends and family will buy you as many products as possible, but if some of the products have not been bought, there is no obligation.

A cart is a shopping cart as in any other shopping site, although we have a larger selection than anywhere else, if you just want to buy products, just add to the cart, and then you can buy the products from the cart.
But a wishlist, it is really unique and a change of mindset and it also exists only on our site, if you are expecting a baby, you can make a wishlist of products you want and need after birthdate, and this list, you can share between friends and family in Israel and abroad , And they can buy you gifts directly from the wishlist and that way you will not get gifts you did not want, or duplicates that you will have to go replace and waste time

Did you enter the names of the parents? If not, then it is not possible to share the list but if you did and still you have not been able to share, there is probably another problem and please contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you

After adding products to the list (wishlist), please enter the parents’ names, and only then will you be allowed to share the list, to find where to share the list, please scroll the page after all the list items, both on mobile and a desktop computer,
You will have a caption share and next to it there are several logos that you can choose to share on any communication medium that is convenient to you

The products that appear on the Kideno website come from a wide variety of different stores. However, in order to streamline the buying process, we took care of the order and the payment, while the product will be shipped from the store from which it was purchased. So you can order a variety of products, from a variety of stores – bind them all in one order in a quick and simple process, and receive the products directly to your home or the home of the person for whom you ordered.

After the birthdate or events surrounding the baby’s birth, there are always recurring gifts or just gifts you don’t need. And so, a moment after the birth, you have to go to different stores to exchange products or are left with products that you do not need. The gift list helps your loved ones purchase the products you really want for you, and prevents duplication by marking that the product was purchased, and updating the list.

Access to your personal list is done through a link that can be passed on to friends and family. All you have to do is to send the link, and the people who receive it will be able to access the list, as well as the variety of shopping options with a simple click.

The gift list allows you to create a mix of products that you like / want / need before and after the birth. The list is personal, and you can add an unlimited amount of products, at all price levels, and change or update it at any time. The purpose of the list is to allow people around you to buy for you the products you really want, at different price levels. All you have to do is click on the “Gift List” button and the product will be automatically added to your personal list. Once the list is created it can be sent to friends and family.

Kideno centralizes for you thousands of products from hundreds of stores. However, for you it is a simple and quick process – the order is made as in any regular site, and the payment is made for the entire order. After ordering, we will take care of the order in front of the various stores, and you will receive the items directly from the store from which you ordered.

Because Kideno scans hundreds of websites in search of the best deal, sometimes there are products that are discounted on one site, while they are sold at full price on another site. We of course bring you a variety of options, and you can decide what the best deal is for you.

Our site scans hundreds of online sites and brings the products offered on each site at the moment of search so that with each visit to kideno you are exposed to the products offered by hundreds of different websites, as well as the unique discounts offered by each site. However, after selecting the product, you are not transferred to another site – the order and payment are made on the Kideno website, and we make sure that the product will be sent to you according to the shipping method you have chosen.