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Easy Basket Pv Sl Graphic Gold Peg perego

Lightweight basket in Italian design from Peg Prego, safe and comfortable, winner of global safety awards



New collection of easy basket Primo Viaggio SL
Suitable for babies from 0 to 1 year of age or up to 13 kg
Wins a 5-star rating (highest) as the best product in the category of crash tests of international bodies and testing institutes
The basket has an easy SIP system for protecting the baby’s head in cases of lateral injury, which can be adjusted according to the child’s height
Safety straps also 3 mooring points, when the buckle comes with padding for a pleasant and comfortable feeling for the baby
Ergonomic pillow for lying down for babies at a young age
Wide roof with fabric made of material with UV radiation shield and adjustable carrying handle
Ganchomatic connection system that allows easy and quick connection to the stroller chassis
Weight 3.8 kg

The easy basket can be installed in the car in 3 ways:
Connection via vehicle seat belts
Installation of a mooring base (sold separately) using the vehicle’s seat belts
Installation of an ISOFIX base (sold separately) that connects directly to the vehicle chassis via an ISOFIX device (recommended)
Installation only against the direction of travel, recommended in the back seat opposite the driver
In case of installation in the front seat it is mandatory to cancel the airbag

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