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4 X Cute Toddler Girls 4 Layers Reusable Waterproof Workout Pants


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Hot 4X Toddler Baby Girls Boys 4 Layers Reusable Waterproof Potty Training Pants

Color: Set A or Set B.
Includes 4 different colors. And each package all 4 of these colors

Material: 4 layers, 100% cotton knitting fabric, soft and waterproof PU cotton

4-layer training pants, more effective in preventing wetting of outer pants, washable and
Softer than paper diapers, prevents baby diaper rash

Note: Once your baby has told you he has wet himself, you should replace them as soon as possible, as these will only hold the baby for a few minutes before leaking around the legs!
Quantity: 4 units = one package

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