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A container for collecting breast milk


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A container for collecting breast milk.
The drip cup to complete the breastfeeding experience for your baby.

• 100% unique silicone suitable for food storage.
• Easy to use and easy to clean.
• Collecting milk with a capacity of up to 100 ml.
• Includes a lid that protects against dust and prevents odors from being absorbed from the refrigerator.
• The lid is also used as a stand for the container.
• Small, portable, convenient and perfect for travel.
• BPA free.

User manual:
1. Before initial use, please clean the breast milk collection container and lid.
Gently press on the bottom of the milk collection container and place the opening on the nipple to create a vacuum.
3. Start collecting the milk easily.
4. Press continuously on the container to strengthen the vacuum and improve the rate of milk flow.
5. Transfer the collected milk for immediate storage or use.

Pay attention!
• The collection container must be cleaned and disinfected before initial use.
• Wash with soap and water and dry the collection container after each use.
• Can be disinfected by boiling in water (not in the microwave), durability of up to 120 degrees.