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A pair of 260 ml pink feeding bottles Closer To Nature


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Tommy Tippy – the most natural as a mother – a pair of 260 ml feeding bottles with colorful decorative illustrations, for use from the age of 0 and up!
Each bottle comes with a nipple for stage 1.

‘Most Natural Like a Mother’ – the revolutionary and exclusive series of products from ‘Tommee Tippee’ – was designed and engineered specifically to mimic the flexibility, feel and natural movement of the mother’s breast in your baby’s mouth.
The nipple is much larger than any other nipple and has a breast-like shape. This form is designed to ensure that when the baby moves from the mother’s breast to the ‘most natural like mother’ bottle, he will be able to cling to it in exactly the same way he clings to the mother’s breast, by opening his mouth wide and sucking the entire nipple area, as naturally as possible.
The new nipple from ‘Tommee Tippee’ is made of soft silicone to the touch, very flexible and gives a natural feeling – when it is filled with milk, it is warm and flexible just like a mother’s breast.
The nipple includes a sensitive valve that prevents gas, which is designed with advanced technology and allows air to be released from the bottle while feeding, thus helping to prevent abdominal pain.
Without bisphenol A.
The winning combination of bottle feeding and breastfeeding the baby.