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High Quality Adult Round Toilet Seat With Potty Training Cover For Child Toilet Upholstery Design PP Material Seats
Descriptions: It is time for children to start learning to use the toilet when the baby reaches a certain age. This toilet seat is designed for children and adults alike. With double seats, it not only allows adults to use the toilet comfortably, but also gives babies a pleasant sense of security. This can prevent the safety hazard posed by children using adult services independently and meet the requirements of the whole family. Properties: – Adopt PP material, it is safe, insulated and water resistant. – High strength and smooth surface, easy to clean. – Separate seats for adults / children are more ergonomic, practical and hygienic. – The removable child seat can easily meet different needs. – With upholstery design, it can effectively protect the seats from damage when they come down. – Very helpful in fostering the habit of children to use the toilet independently. – Equipped with an accessory bag, easy to install and disassemble. – Suitable for children aged 2 to 12 and adults. Notes: For children under the age of seven it is recommended to use the toilet seat under the supervision of the parents. Because the current level of technology is efficient, the toilet and two-seat cover panel are coaxial, so only two seats have an upholstery function, and the cover plate has no upholstery function.
Double toilet cover for an adult child
1 Easy to install 2 Dual-use design
Slow down the mute 4 Eco-friendly materials
Size reference

Shape Applicable Outdoors Long Applicable Outdoors Wide hole distance
U shape 41-44 cm 33-35 cm 13-17 cm adjustable
V-shape 44-47 cm 35.5-37.5 cm
O shape 42-44 cm 33.5-34.5 cm
Square U-shape 41-44 cm 32-34.5 cm 12-19.5 cm adjustable

Measurement methods

Step 1: Set the size
Step 2: Visually judge the shape
Step 3: Determine the top and bottom
Installation steps

1. Take out the accessories
2. Put on matching expansion bolts
3. Insert the toilet fixing hole
4. Tighten the screws
5. Cover with stainless steel cover
6. Insert the toilet lid, installation is complete

Estimated business days: 14