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Ardo double-sided calypso electric breast pump Ardo

A professional, uncompromising breast pump adapted to the needs of the nursing mother and of Swiss quality.

For daily use at home and at work and for increasing milk.

The Ardo Calypso Double is a powerful yet quietest breast pump, compact and easy to use. Winner of international awards in first place for bilateral breast pump (Mumsnet 2019)

Experienced breastfeeding women love the Calypso Double Pump The pumping experience that complements the natural breastfeeding action, as required by a product of a leading Swiss company.



The pump offers great flexibility of 64 combinations of speed and suction combined with three sizes of different breast cups to ensure you can find the right fit for your nipple, and a good vacuum seal on the breast, thus pumping without pain.
With easy operation, it is possible to pump on both sides at the same time, thus saving the pumping time by half and increasing the milk yield.
The Calypso pump also provides a system for preventing infections using the ‘closed mechanism’ patent
Which produces a barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breast milk or contaminants can enter the pump set tube or the pump motor.