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Augeste 2 Baby Bath Toy Set with Mesh Fishing Shop Splashing Floating Toy Bathtub Bathroom Pool Time Baby Toddler Kids (Dinosaur Style 2)


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Two-in-one baby dinosaur bath toy. The toy is equipped with a dinosaur fishing net, a fishing rod and 3 small dinosaurs in different colors. Suitable size: fishing nets and silicone toys suitable for small babies’ hands, soft water jet bath toys, easy to grip and squeeze.
Dinosaur nets and rods + small dinosaur toys in different shapes and colors. In addition to water spraying skills, even bright green dinosaurs and yellow dinosaurs can make a lovely “bibi” sound. Not only can kids use fishing nets to catch small dinosaurs, but they can also “fish” with them. Improve children’s self-confidence and patience, nurture hand-eye coordination and body balance.
This baby bath toy is made from quality materials that are environmentally friendly, safe and durable and do not fade. The fishing rod head is also made of silicone, so you do not have to worry about the baby’s safety hazards, and it can also prevent your baby from getting injured.
When babies play with silicone bath toys, they can eliminate the resistance to bathing and make bathing time an interesting interaction! The colorful and unique design helps babies re-identify colors and learn to fish with fishing rods and nets. At this point, the parents can help him bathe when he / she is satisfied, so that bathing and interactive education are perfectly combined.
The two-in-one small dinosaur is not only a bath toy, but also a water toy for swimming pools, indoors and outdoors. Easy to carry, it is an ideal gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthday, etc.

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