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Blue-green Natural Avent case: 260 ml feeding bottle, a pair of pacifiers


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Avent Natural Package: 260 ml feeding bottle, pair of 6-18m pacifiers, pacifier buffer.

Natural feeding bottle 260 ml.
A nipple with an extra wide design that promotes the natural grip of the baby’s lips similar to breastfeeding and helps the baby to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
Ultra soft nipple, in a spiral and flexible design.
Mimics the natural movement and sensation of the breast.
The petals on the nipple prevent the nipple from collapsing.
An anti-gas valve is designed to prevent air from entering your baby’s abdomen and helps reduce gas and discomfort.
Easy to assemble and clean.
BPA free.
Comes with nipple number 2.

A pair of pacifiers for ages 6-18m.
A nipple specially designed for the normal development of the gums and teeth.
Vents to maintain skin hygiene and health.
A uniform ring that serves as a safety handle.
BPA free.

Sucking buffer.
• Easy to attach and remove – has an extra wide opening for grasping baby clothes.
• Gentle and does not leave marks or ruin baby clothes.
• Suitable for all pacifiers with a ring tip.