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The pacifier thermometer was specially designed for babies and small children. According to the physiological characteristics of infants and small children, the body temperature measuring device is specially made into a pacifier type by applying microcomputer technology. The sound informs that the temperature measurement is complete, and the temperature can be read from the display. This product is convenient to use and easy to carry. It can be used to locate babies anytime and anywhere, so that mothers can grasp the health status of babies in time. This is an ideal home monitoring device for first-time mothers.
① How to use:
②The temperature was measured using the mouth volume method.
③Take a three-minute rest before the measurement, do not eat, drink or talk to keep the temperature in the mouth stable.
④The temperature can be measured in about 3 minutes during the measurement. And automatically send a beep sound to notify, easy to use.
*This electronic thermometer adopts advanced IC technology and digital display. Measuring the temperature is fast and simple. The thermometer shell is made of non-toxic plastic materials. (It has functions of core temperature automatic correction, power saving automatic shutdown, high and low temperature abnormal display, etc.)
Simply put: compared to a traditional thermometer, an electronic thermometer has the following advantages:
1. The measurement speed is fast.
2. The reading is convenient, different from the general thermometer to see the scale, left and right are illuminated, the electronic digital thermometer adopts a digital display, which directly tells you how many degrees.
3. Measurement reminder: There will be a sound to remind you when the temperature is measured, which is different from a normal thermometer.
4. Memory function: after reading the temperature, it will always be stored in the thermometer until the next measurement.
1. Electronic thermometers can measure temperature quickly and accurately. It has the advantages of convenient reading, fast measurement, no financial damage, etc., and has a beep prompt and memory function. Especially suitable for family events and other events.
2. Measuring range: 32℃–42.9℃ (90.0℉-109.9℉)
3. Measurement accuracy: ±0.1°C from 35.5°C to 42.0°C (±0.2°F from 95.9°F to 107.6°F) ±0.2°C lower than 35.5°C or higher than 42.0°C ( ±0.4°CF lower than
95.9°F or above 107°F)
4, the use of the environment: standard environment at room temperature, 25 ℃ (77.0 ℉)
5, display mode: three and a half liquid crystal display
6, battery: 1.55V button battery (AG3) section
7, Power consumption: 0.15 mW at work
8, battery life: one and a half years
9, weight: about 10 grams
10. Buzzer message: At the end of the temperature measurement, a buzzer message will be given for about 10 seconds

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