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Baby Steps My Feelings Baby Wrinkle Baby Book, High Contrast Black and White Book and Newborn Book, Early Education, Belly Toys, Baby Books 0-6 Months, Waiting

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❥The perfect friend for your little ones! The sweet illustrations introduce babies to five essential expressions: happy, sad, sleepy, hungry and surprised, encouraging them to recognize a variety of emotions, and thus strengthening their emotional intelligence.
❥3 game options – This toy can be played flat on the floor, standing and when walking outside. It is a wonderful tool to encourage babies to practice their abdominal time skills, which in turn strengthens the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders.
Grow up with your baby – a double-sided wrinkle toy My feelings crinkle toy for 2 stages of development. Stage 1: 0-3 months – Black and white illustrations with high contrast that will delight the developing eyes of younger babies, while the bright colored side is ideal for later developmental stages. Step 2: 3 months + colorful side with lots of play activities
❥ Great for tummy time – As the baby grows and develops, he will enjoy exploring the “how I feel” play activities of wrinkle toys and wrinkle textures, which will aid sensory development and motor skills when the baby uses his hands or feet to experience the sensation of wrinkled fabrics. It is also an excellent tool to encourage babies to practice their abdominal time and abdominal skills, and in turn strengthen their head, neck and shoulder muscles.
❥ Easy to fold and carry at the exit – the toy is lightweight and easy to fold and even includes plastic rings so it can be attached to carriages, car seats and cots! Suitable from birth. Safe and easy to clean: All materials have been safety tested to meet our highest standards. Machine washable and easy to clean. A newborn book suitable for birth, growing with the baby – including age-appropriate activities to employ both infants and toddlers. Christmas gift for your baby

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