Mint cart bag

Innovative, stable and well-designed, the end for strollers overturns with a load, no wonder the YOYO Babyzen bag has been named “The rolling bag” – the rolling bag. The innovative bag is simply a must-have accessory for parents that makes it easier for parents’ daily lives and puts an end to strollers that roll over under the weight of the bags hanging on the handlebars!


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Whether you fill it with toys or shopping, the bag, which sits on a rolling base, carries 10 kg effortlessly, and yet does not compromise the perfect stability of the outstanding YOYO with great compactness, and light maneuverability with one hand
The YOYO Babyzen bag comes in a spectacular variety of colors and will also fit perfectly as a complementary design item
Also suitable for all Yoyo + and YOYO² stroller models
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