Bfree Bifree 260 ml Freedom bottle
Bfree Bifree 260 ml Freedom bottle
Bfree Bifree 260 ml Freedom bottle
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Bfree Bifree 260 ml Freedom bottle

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Freedom bottle was specially developed to solve the vacuum problem created in baby bottles.

In a unique iComfort patented bottle that helps neutralize the vacuum, thus ensuring a calm and continuous suction, without pressure in the ears.



A significant problem that many parents are unaware of is the vacuum problem created in standard baby bottles. Vacuum has been shown to be a significant cause of gas, colic and even ear infections as it produces hypotension during sucking and forces the baby to exert too much effort. Bfree freedom patents the iComfort מ ventilation mechanism that prevents the formation of a vacuum, thus ensuring a calm and continuous suction, without pressure in the ears. Vacuum – Problematic Power Calculate what happens when you drink directly from the mouth of a bottle containing a soft drink or water. With each few sips you are forced to stop and move the bottle away from your mouth in order to release the vacuum that has accumulated in the bottle. If you do not release the vacuum you will not be able to continue drinking. This is exactly what happens to your baby when he is breastfeeding from a standard bottle or has a partial ventilation system. Your baby has to put in too much effort as the pressure in the bottle increases, and even stop every few sips, in order to rest and release the vacuum. Sometimes the nipple can even be seen collapsing during suction, (another phenomenon of the vacuum) and a bubbling of air bubbles inside the liquid can be clearly seen. The iComfort ™ mechanism neutralizes the vacuum and facilitates suction The iComfort ™ mechanism allows air to enter over the milk and thus helps to prevent vacuum in the bottle. The mechanism also allows your baby to control the flow rate and breastfeed in a calm, relaxed and effortless manner. The mechanism is located at the base because the air enters over the milk and no bubbles form in the milk itself, so they do not enter your baby’s stomach. Thus the mechanism helps to prevent flatulence, abdominal pain and colic. The mechanism is very easy to clean The unique design of the mechanism allows it to be easily cleaned and prevents the accumulation of food debris. The bottle itself can be opened both from above and below, so cleaning is much simpler and faster. Less vacuum – This is a proven comparative test proved that Bfree bottles are the most effective in neutralizing vacuum (under pressure), which is known to cause inflammation and earaches. Therefore it is also easier for the baby to suckle from them, without effort.

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