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Bigspinach Baby Toys, Baby Teething Toys, Including Multiple Textures for Soothing Gums, Essential for Babies, Teether Toothbrush for Training and Device

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Safety and comfort: BIGSPINACH teething toys are made of 100% food grade silicone, BPA-free, non-toxic. Soft and safe, and manufactured by a qualified manufacturer. Soft and durable, without freezer and dishwasher, safe for sterilizer. For the ultimate safety and health of your baby! Silicone design is 100% food grade, safe for babies
Gum massage and toothbrush: Multiple textured surfaces help relieve teething and teething pain. Also, the soft bristles help to clean the tongue and gums, can be used as a soft toothbrush without fear that the baby may bite the bristles, our bristles are too short to bite them. Combine the teething and brushing in one product.
Stimulate the senses – Baby teething toys can activate the baby’s brain, body and mind, vision – cute colors of the rainbow, cultivate your baby’s color perception ability, soft silicone material, feel like a mother’s skin, give the baby physical and emotional comfort, and become The baby will rest more.
Perfect size and easy grip design for small hands – The easy-to-grip rainbow dental toy is ideally designed for your baby’s small hand, which means it’s very easy to hold and chew. And that your baby will chew it comfortably over time, will never lose grip. The unique hollow design develops improved hand-eye coordination, and at the same time soothes the baby!
Relieving gum pain and clear tongue coating: our teething toys, there are grooves with different texture on surfaces, these are designed for multiple chewing purposes during different teething periods. Providing flexibility for biting tooth practice, infant teething toys are designed to soothe and relieve teething pain. . A striped surface during teething can relieve gum pain, the wavy contact surface after teething can clean the lining of the tongue so that the baby’s mouth is always in a clean and hygienic condition

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