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160 ml Azure Anti Colic bottle


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160 ml anti-colic bottle from MAM – light blue.

80% of mothers confirmed that the bottle prevents flatulence and the baby is having fun and relaxing.
The bottle allows babies to suckle comfortably and at their own pace.
The base of the bottle helps reduce gas and abdominal pain by regular, vacuum-free breastfeeding and swallowing air.
The opening of the bottle is wide, allowing for comfort, filling and cleaning.
The nipple is easily obtained, a flat and special shape, for a natural feeling.
The bottle cap seals the bottle from leaking.
A measuring scale allows you to measure the liquids left at the bottom of the bottle.
Without bisphenol A.
* Self-sterilization in 3 minutes.
The nipple is suitable for use in a MAM bottle only.