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Classic Bee 330 ml baby fruit bottle

Bfree bottle from the Classic series with a volume of 330 ml – suitable for ages 3+ months and has been researched as an immediate reducer for gas and abdominal pain.

The bottle includes a soft, multi-stage silicone nipple (FAST FLOW).



Multi-stage nipple (fast flow) – suitable for babies from 3+ months.
* Soft orthodontic silicone nipple that allows easy and pleasant suction.
* Bfree bottles have been research-proven to instantly reduce gas and abdominal pain.
* The bottle helps prevent ear infections by a unique pressure relief mechanism that helps release the vacuum created in the bottle.
* The bottle tube has a mechanism that helps prevent air bubbles inside the bottle and thus give the toddler a calm stomach.
* Heat detector at the bottom of the tube – a color stripe that changes color on contact with food that is too hot.
* Each part in a Bfree bottle is suitable for assembly in any other Bfree bottle.
* Plastic free of harmful chemicals – without bisphenol A.
* Tested and approved by the Standards Institute


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