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Breast milk storage bags


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Breast milk storage bags.

• Sterile bags.
• Double closing strip.
• Made from a quality material with properties that help maintain the freshness of the milk over time.
• Strong and tear-resistant material.
• The structure of the bags allows them to be placed.
• Suitable for storage in the refrigerator or freezer.
• BPA free.

User manual:
1. To open the bag, tear off the top nylon strip and separate the double closure strip.
2. Pour the breast milk into the bag while holding the bag open with one hand.
Caution: To prevent the milk from spilling, do not place the bag alone until it is full and closed using the closing strip.
Note: Do not fill the bag beyond 300 ml.
3. Before sealing, air must be compressed out of the bag to maintain freshness.
4. Use a ballpoint pen or marker to fill in the name, date, and volume in the appropriate place.
While storing the milk in the freezer, the bag should be placed while lying down, and in a separate container, do not place directly on the freezer surface to protect the bag from sticking and friction.

Thawing the milk:
1. Place the closed bag in an empty and clean container or under warm tap water, do not place in boiling water, in the microwave or over the stove.
2. The milk may separate into different layers during thawing (this is normal) after opening the bag should be mixed gently.
Transfer the milk to the desired cutlery, do not use the once-in-a-bag.
The used bags should be discarded.