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Breath Refreshing Oils


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Drips – an aromatherapy extract of eucalyptus oil to refresh the breath

In infants and young children rhinitis is a real distress. A baby does not know how to blow his nose alone, the runny nose blocks the passage of air in the nose and creates respiratory distress. This creates a general distress that is accompanied by a decrease in appetite, irritation in the nostrils, around the nose and more. That is exactly why Katz has developed the Drip Series, a series of products designed for children with colds.

Respiratory oil drippers – a mixture of extracts extracted from aromatherapy oils that help refresh the breath.
The eucalyptus drips for refreshing the breath can be dripped around the child on the sheet or pillow, it can be dripped in the flasks attached to the humidifier.

Does not stain.

Instructions for use: Drip 4-5 drops on surfaces around the toddler or in a saucepan.