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Circle Forte Shampoo


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Circle Forte Shampoo and Conditioner are based on advanced formulas that combine four natural extracts that are known to help maintain hair hygiene: natural oil from the neem tree, tea tree, Kav and Asia and rosemary. The unique combination of these oil extracts was an optimal combination that ensures maximum maintenance of head hygiene.

P Neem tree originating in East Asia and India and known as a tree name
The pool or healing tree due to its medicinal properties, abilities
The antiseptic and its ability to repel pests and parasites.
Millions of Indians use it for various uses, in them
Maintaining skin and hair hygiene.

P The extract of the line tree and Asia is extracted from the bark of growing trees
In Brazil and Jamaica and is known as a lice repellent.

P Tea tree oil is extracted from the tea trees grown in Australia, their antiseptic properties are known and published worldwide
Western about 200 years ago.

P Rosemary oil – a natural extract extracted from rosemary bushes grown in Spain and France, known as a lice repellent.

This combination of natural oil extracts will allow for more effective and intensive treatment in maintaining hair hygiene.

Capacity: 750 ml.