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Cream for treating diaper rash


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Cream for treating diaper rash, abrasions, burns and irritated skin – now also in the tube!

A cream with a pleasant and easy-to-apply texture, based on natural ingredients and containing olive oil and beeswax. The cream has been used for many years in diaper rash, abrasions, burns, dry skin and irritated skin (even in people who are bedridden) and is manufactured under a license from the Ministry of Health.

Ora cream, in its special composition, acts as a conditioner, soothing, protecting, lubricating and moisturizing the skin, in addition to its antiseptic (antiseptic) action.
The cream is easily applied to the skin, absorbed quickly and leaves a thin protective layer.
Ora Cream does not contain artificial colors or perfume, thus reducing the possibility of allergic reactions.

Ora Cream, which is slightly alkaline (pH 8.5), helps protect against uric acidity.
The cream is absorbed into the skin quickly but does not clog the pores of the skin.
The cream softens the baby’s skin and thus helps prevent diapers and scrubs from blooming.

Ora Cream is recommended for application on any diaper.