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Transition cup without liquidity – blue My Penguin Sippy Cup


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Drinking cup for toddlers 200 ml with Avent’s patent mechanism for preventing liquidity.

Has a hard training nozzle to assist in the process of switching from a bottle to drinking in a glass – without leaks!

The training nozzle consists of a one-way valve that is flexible and allows air to reach back into the bottle so that the toddler receives a continuous flow of fluid without any effort and without fluidity.

Extremely durable mouthpiece – resistant to bites and chewing.
Ergonomic handles, comfortable to hold in small hands.
Easy to clean – Also suitable for the dishwasher.

Without BPA (in spinol A).

Suitable for use from the age of 12 months and up.

Colors will be provided according to the range of colors available in stock.