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Yomi Focus: Omega 3-rich liquid with a delicate lemon flavor


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Daily Altman Oil Focus

Yomi is a series of nutritional supplements developed for children of different ages and for different daily life situations

• Daily Focus Oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that demonstrate an extremely high EPA concentration

• Lemon flavor

Fish oil, emulsifier: MCT (sunflower oil), flavor: lemon, antioxidants: vitamin E, rosemary extract, ascorbyl palmitate

Deep-water fish oil and inside:
EPA 450 mg
DHA 100 mg
Total omega 3 550 mg

Nutrition labeling per unit / dose:
Energy 42 kcal
Proteins 0 g
Carbohydrates 0.1 g
Fats 4.6 grams
Saturated fatty acids 0.4 g
Trans fatty acids less than 0.5 g
Cholesterol 5.3 mg
Sodium 0 mg

Instructions for use and storage:
Keep in a dry and dark place. Refrigerate after opening, up to 90 days from opening

Pregnant women, lactating women, children and people taking prescription drugs – consult a doctor before use.

As a fur minister under the supervision of Badatz Beit Yosef. Under the supervision of Maor Kashrus and with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.