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Defends the Blocks huge car track and busy parts

Magnetic building blocks on all sides, even when rotated.

Children will learn effortlessly through creative play on symmetry,

Architecture and basic mathematical concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction and more.

Place the pieces together on a flat surface to create the models.

The kit contains about 164 magnet parts including tracks, an electric car,

Signs and stickers in Hebrew. (The car is powered by AA batteries – not included).



The blocks are made of high quality, solid and durable materials. A game of assembling magnets that today there is hardly a child who does not know, now in a new and innovative version, of a car track with bridges, towers and letters in Hebrew, and everything is made of quality and colorful plastic that inside each part has magnets. Helps develop fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, recognizing shapes and letters and building skills. Assembling these magnets is considered as an excellent thinking and development game for imagination and motor skills. The kit contains 100 parts of magnets, including tracks, an electric car, signs and stickers in Hebrew. (The car is powered by 2 AA batteries – not included).