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Sebocalm swab ointment


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To prevent redness and diaper rash

A unique ointment with a ceramic texture, gentle and caressing, for protecting the baby’s skin and preventing redness and diaper rash. The ointment does not contain water or preservatives and consists of vegetable oils, olive, coconut and moringa, for daily treatment in the diaper area. The uniqueness of the ointment is in the creation of a protective layer against moisture and humidity, without sealing the skin and thus allowing the skin to ‘breathe’. Enriched with flower extracts, baby-friendly, The skin. The special and light texture of Suboclam Baby Diaper Ointment makes its use comfortable, both indoors and outdoors, and allows maximum protection for the baby’s skin, without leaving a sticky, heavy and dirty layer. Suitable for everyday use.

Without preservatives
Without farbanim
Without perfume
Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin