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Dr. Fisher Ultrasol Baby Face Cream 50 SPF

A series of advanced used sunscreens of its kind that have been specially developed to maintain the health of our babies. Contains 100% natural sunscreens combined with a complex of natural oils.

Dr. Fischer Ultrasol Baby – the choice of pediatricians in Israel.

The skin of infants and children is thinner and more delicate and therefore they are more sensitive to sun exposure. In a sunny country like ours it is important to protect our children’s skin all year round. It is known that about 70% of sun damage is caused as a result of daily exposure throughout the year and not necessarily during the summer. It is therefore important to make sure to use sunscreen when leaving the house and to reduce the duration of sun exposure as much as possible. It is recommended to apply the full body protection product before wearing the swimsuit, even in those places that will be covered and will not be directly exposed to the sun.

Dr. Fisher Ultrasol Baby is a series of used sunscreens that have been specially developed to maintain the health of our babies today and in the future. Contains 100% natural sunscreens combined with a complex of natural oils: oats, calendula, chamomile and aloe vera, which help add moisture and maintain skin health, and make the products most suitable for your baby.

Contains 100% natural sunscreens combined with natural oils.
Provides very high and wide protection against solar radiation UVA and UVB.
Carries the prestigious certificate of the American Association for the War on Skin Cancer.
Blocks over 90% of UVA radiation according to the Australian standard.
Contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant to protect against free radicals.
The preparations are hypoallergenic and have successfully passed the stringent sensitive test, which indicates their suitability for the delicate skin of the babies.
The products in the series have been dermatologically tested and do not cause eye irritation.
Absorbs quickly and spreads easily.
In a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.

The series includes a wide range of high protection coefficients: SPF50, SPF32.
The products are recommended by dermatologists. Available in lotions and face creams.

Capacity 50 ml.

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