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Montessori egg and cup with interlocking disc, bundle of Montessori wooden toys for months, helps with visual development and brain, crawling motive, modern minimalist design, baby safe

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* The FUN wooden toy package includes Montessori-style wooden toys that delight babies aged 3 months and up. It gives your little one everything he or she needs for grip, touch, manipulation and much more. Helps with a wide range of developmental stages for a healthier and smarter baby that is before the curve. Designed by experts to give your baby the best.
* Highest safety standard. Behind Kiki Viali stands a mother of three, so rest assured that your bundle of joy will be completely safe in the game with our custom product. A child product certificate was obtained and it achieved the highest safety score for your baby. The toys are made from whole natural beech wood with 100% paints, dyes and non-toxic sealers to create the most beautiful and safe toy for your little one.
* Effective light gray color. Young babies can only see a few colors. Gray and white are among them and it is easiest to spot a 3-month-old child. This special color scheme helps brain cells and fire nerve cells stimulate healthy growth of the entire nervous system. Your baby’s first months are the time when this important development occurs. Give your baby this vital opportunity with this smart toy set.
Interlocking discs (do not separate) intrigue you The purpose of interlocking discs? Unlike so many other toys, this simple toy requires a large rotation of the wrist, so it is perfect for babies to learn to move an object from one hand to another. For this reason, please note that the interlocking disks are not intended for separation. Later on, the purpose of the discs develops into a toy that will move babies to move as it swings gently with a light touch thanks to its conscious design.
* A wooden egg and a glass is a familiar breakfast item that allows the baby to play with smooth and varied surfaces and shapes. This is a real tree that will not rust or crack. It will quickly become a favorite toy that can be passed on to other children. One day it will become a family collectible that always brings a smile.

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