Double-sided electric breast pump includes bag and ARDO cooler
Double-sided electric breast pump includes bag and ARDO cooler
Double-sided electric breast pump includes bag and ARDO cooler
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Double-sided electric breast pump includes bag and Ardo cooler

Electric, professional, double-sided breast pump. Contains everything you need in a wide range of equipment, including an elegant bag and cooler for perfect mobility for use at home, in the office, on a trip and on the road.

Convenient and simple to operate, professional and quiet. Increases milk production and shortens pumping time. Has a customization plan for pumping intensity and pumping frequency similar to natural breastfeeding, which prevents pain.

Has a closed hygienic system that provides a 100% barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breast milk or impurities will enter the connecting pipe or pump. Can be pumped both unilaterally and bilaterally.



Great for breastfeeding women who are looking for the most comfortable and high-quality solution, anytime, anywhere
Double-sided pump that shortens the pumping time by half
Convenient and simple operation (including using full portable batteries)
Powerful pump suitable for pumping outdoors and at work
Customize the suction power similar to natural breastfeeding
8 intensity adjustment levels and 8 frequency adjustment levels, producing 64 different modes
Closed hygiene system combined with Vacuum Seal technology – closed-circuit pumping to prevent milk from entering the pipes and pump, for safety and to prevent contamination
Contains in addition, 3 different sizes of breast cups (for maximum adjustment to the nipple structure) and a supplement for breast massage Opti-flow
The quietest pump there is – won the prestigious Ultra-Silence Winner award
No bisphenol A, Safe to use (Free BPA)
Easy to use and clean
Extra extended warranty (400 hours)
A wide set of accessories for adjusting the most precise and delicate pumping
Also easily becomes an Amaryl manual pump, using a special handle attached to the package
A special bag and adapted for easy carrying of the pump, contains 4 internal compartments for the essential products. Includes space for a cooler with 6 additional bottles and 3 ice creams.
Includes a place for a picture of your baby


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