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Fujiabo Montessori Toys For One Year Wooden Toys Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Hammer Pulse Bench Toy with Xylophone 3 Hammer Toys Toddlers Educational Toys


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Wooden Toys 3 in 1 Hammer: The Montessori Toys Hammer combines 3 types of toddler games into one: hammer game pulse bench, xylophone and maze. These fun learning games will last your kids several hours and not get bored.
Toy Pulse Bench: Children can watch the hammer toy carefully, responding and hitting the raised blocks in time. The baby toys from the hammer tree help to improve the children’s observation and reaction abilities.
Creative xylophone game: The xylophone consists of 8 different shades. Children can use wooden sticks to play different music as they wish, which helps to cultivate the children’s musical interest and enhance their creativity.
Classified Maze Games: The Maze game is a combination of 4 colors and 4 animals. Children can be categorized by color or animal, which helps improve hand-eye coordination and logical thinking skills.
Perfect interactive games: Montessori toys for toddlers provide 2 large hammers, 2 hammers, an hourglass and 5 playing cards. Kids can invite friends or parents to play together! Share happiness with each other.

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