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Delicate Iron 25 mg 90 Solgar Capsules


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On the component

Deline Iron® from Solgar is an original registered patent of the Albion company designed to increase the absorption of iron in the body without causing side effects in the digestive system. It is the organic binding of iron to two molecules of an amino acid called glycine (Chelated Iron Bisglycinate).

* Congress Israel Association for Gastroenterology disease. Dec 2002

On the product


Solgar ‘Delicate Iron® is an old and safe product that has been sold in Israel for over several decades!
The first choice of many pregnant and lactating women and also of other populations in need of iron supplementation due to lack of background
Delicate iron® does not depend on the level of stomach acidity and is absorbed very efficiently (four times more than regular sulfate iron)
Can be taken without fear of absorption delays alongside the following foods: tea, caffeine, wheat products, dairy products, meat and egg proteins, various calcium preparations and even antacids.
The effectiveness of fine iron® from Solgar has been proven in scientific research *
Delicate iron® does not cause the side effects typical of other iron preparations
The minerals from Solgar are an original patent of the Albion company, which guarantees quality minerals with better absorption in the body.
Solgar ‘Delicate Iron® is served in easy-to-swallow herbal capsules that can also be opened if necessary.
kosher Parve
Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Available in packs of 90 herbal capsules
Instructions for use

One capsule a day, with or without blood tests.