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Flexitol Therapeutic cream for relieving and soothing irritated and reddened skin
For relief and soothing of dry and irritated skin during bouts of dryness and itching
Gentle formula
Does not contain paraffin, parabens, charcoal or pine tar and no added synthetic fragrance
Flexitol Therapeutic Cream with a gentle formula, for use on babies from birth (from age 0) and children, safe and effective, containing herbal ingredients such as calendula, peppermint oil and oats.
These ingredients are known to relieve irritation, itching, redness and dryness.

At Flexitol we understand the daily challenges and needs of children suffering from dry, delicate and irritated skin that can be problematic.
We understand that maintaining and caring for your child’s skin on a daily basis during dry attacks requires more than a cream but a series that provides a comprehensive solution, which is why we created the Flexitol Kids product series for dry and red irritated skin.

Our products are manufactured without synthetic stimulants and do not contain paraffin, parabens, artificial colors and synthetic perfumes.
This is because we understand that you as parents want to facilitate your child effectively and safely.