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Flexitol face cream for children for the treatment of dry, red and flaky skin

Ideal for use in children and infants.
For dry, red and irritated skin due to climatic conditions such as: cold, wind, sun, etc.
For children with fine skin prone to allergic reactions.
For children who suffer from dry skin conditions such as dermatitis, seborrhea, dry eczema, etc.
Suitable for children suffering from general dehydration due to medication use.

Flexitol face cream was developed in combination with dermatologists.
Dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic.
Has a formula that is especially suitable for young skin and children.
Fragrance free.
Has a balanced PH (acidity) – PH Balanced.
No colorant-Colorant free.

Flexitol Children’s Face Cream does not contain the ingredients known to cause an allergic reaction in people with delicate skin.

User manual

Apply two to three times a day as needed regularly on the face and neck area

56 g.