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Janja Busy Boards – Montessori Wooden Board Latches and Doors for Educational Activities for Toddlers Safe Danger for 3-Year-Olds

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You will never have to replace it – our board is made of a non-toxic wood material that does not peel easily, which your child can enjoy and you will not have to worry about replacing.
Decreased risk of suffocation – with a focus on quality and premium safety, each part is manufactured to the highest standard and material. To ensure that there are no damaged parts that can be easily broken, and reduce the risk of suffocation.
Accelerate your toddler’s education and early development – our busy board helps children develop fine motor skills, movement coordination, attention, perseverance, toddler senses and creative and logical thinking. Great for sensory advantage and Montessori learning.
Kids love to play with it- our product is made of real metal that will leave your toddler interested in the activities of the locks and latches. Highly recommended for ultra-Orthodox toddlers and have difficulty taking an interest in anything over time. Perfect for toddler trip toys!
Janje Promise- Our company’s promise says you’ll never have to worry about buying another cluttered board again! Enjoy watching your toddler play with a toy that will promote education and development knowing that if there are any issues with our product, we will send you another one for free!

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