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Gingerbread B Altman


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Gingerbread B – Altman

For sucking lozenges that contain ginger extract and vitamin B6 with a refreshing lemon flavor.


Sweetener: Isomalt; Antioxidant: citric acid; Vitamin B6 Flavor: Lemon (0.2%); Ginger extract (zingiber officinale) (0.18%) Sweetener: sucrose; water.

Vitamin B6 – Diagonal – 10 mg

Nutritional values for one lozenge:

Energy less than 10 kcal. Weight for lobster: 2.2 grams. Net weight: 66 grams. Capacity: 30 lozenges.

Instructions for use: 1-3 lozenges a day.
Contains: 30 lozenges