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The only product that is, without preservatives and even without sugar is the ‘Graphwater’
The old and familiar drops, which restore peace to the parents and peace to the home. The “graphwater” drops (as mentioned, without preservatives, without sugar) and with a sweet taste, allow mothers to receive a quality and reliable solution.

Grapewater should be given regularly. Ten drops (one click in the watering can, which is about a third of the watering can) before each meal. (If there is still discomfort – you can give ten more drops either between meals or before bed). It can be given without restriction and without fear. It is completely safe to use, does not cause side effects and is not addictive. It is manufactured to the most stringent GMP standards, ISO9002 and recommended by pediatricians and breastfeeding nurses. The preparation is kosher and is under the supervision of Rabbi Avraham Rubin.

Grapewater is made from drops of natural oils: fennel, anise, mint and glycerin. Each component has a unique effect.

Preparation instructions: Add 35 ml of distilled water (or boiled after cooling!)

15 ml