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Hygienic soap for treating the rectal area


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Hygienic soap for treating the rectal area.

Hygienic soap intended for daily use for washing the rectal area.
Contains advanced moisturizing ingredients and plant extracts in high concentration and helps protect the natural environment and maintain the desired conditions.

The soap contains oblique oil which is used to relieve irritation and discomfort in the anal area and is enriched with mammalian extract which helps to improve the tissue, calendula oil is known for its properties that accelerate the improvement of damaged and irritated skin and aloe vera to soothe the skin in the area.
With the addition of tea tree oil and lavender oil that help maintain hygiene and skin care.

No petrochemicals, no parabens, no paint, no perfume, no sulfates, no silicones and no alcohol.

Instructions for use: Use soap in the anal area in every bath. Rinse after use.
It is recommended to use after each exit and continue the use for a long time to maintain the hygiene of the area.