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I’m me and I’m special


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By: Ann Mick | Illustration: Sarah from Sinai

“Please, can I be a prince?”
Everyone wants to be princes and lions and in general, trying to become the characters we were educated to think of as powerful and leading. But what happens when the child is not strong enough to be a lion? Or not tall enough to be a captain?
The book “I am I and I am special” not only encourages children to go their own way, to be who it is natural for them to be and to love themselves, but also shows them that once they choose to go their own special way, they will gain social sympathy and self-fulfillment.
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By: Ann Mick

Illustration: Sarah from Sinai

Translation: Zivia and Dan

Ages: 7 – 3

Cover type: hard

Number of pages: 32

Year of publication: 2007