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Insulated cup with straw +12 Explora Active Straw Cup


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Insulated cup that maintains heat / cold + 260 ml straw – intended for toddlers from one year of age onwards – ideal for use when toddlers become more active and their fluid intake increases.

Insulated mechanism for keeping liquids warm and / or cool.
With protrusions for a comfortable grip on the sides, a mechanism for preventing leakage and a capacity of 260 ml.
Cool drawings, which attract the toddler and encourage him to drink from the glass.
A soft and delicate silicone straw in contact with tiny teeth even at the teething stage.
The straw is turned upside down to keep the baby hygienic and the environment clean.
Tommy Tipi’s non-spill technology – for soft drinks without leaks.
Comes without handles – if you have cups with detachable handles by Tommy Tippy – you can attach them to the insulated cup.
Made of a hard and safe material and yet also lightweight and comfortable to hold.
Safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer.
Without BPA (in spinol A).

For use from the age of 12 months and up.