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Iron is better Vitamin + Folic Acid 100 Tablets Floris Hadas


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Better iron of myrtle

A unique formula that contains a fine iron (bisglycinate type) which does not depend on the acidity of the stomach and has a very high absorption. Is not accompanied by gastrointestinal side effects and is characteristic of non-fine types of iron. Can also be combined with dairy products. Contains vitamin B12 supplement and folic acid that improve iron absorption and support its activity.

Bisglycininate iron – a fine iron with very high absorption and no side effects in the digestive system.
Vitamin B12- A vitamin that participates in a variety of activities in the body. It is important for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system, for the metabolism of fats and even in the production of red blood cells. Studies show that even a slight deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to disruptions and disturbances in daily functioning.
Folic acid – especially important in maintaining normal levels of the homocysteine acid (a risk factor for cardiovascular disease) helps prevent anemia and supports the activity of iron in combination with vitamin B12.

How to use
1 tablet a day, or otherwise, according to a professional recommendation.
Contents: 100 tablets for swallowing.

Strictly kosher under the supervision of the Badatz Belz.

Iron supplementation is especially necessary for vegetarians and vegans who are low in iron, iron deficiency anemia, pregnant women, girls and women suffering from heavy menstrual cycle, infants under one year of age (according to the Ministry of Health recommendation) and the elderly. It is recommended to combine with vitamin C of myrtle – Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and its assimilation in the body up to twice.