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Joyin 12 units glow in the dark rubber ducks for Halloween bath, trick or treat gifts, Halloween themed gifts, Halloween party kindness.

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Super VALUE package. The glowing rubber bath ducks in our darkness for Halloween feature 12 pieces of various ducks of 2×2.5 inch rubber toy. Your kids will love these rubber ducklings available in unique designs.
Unique and easy to use design. These Halloween bath toys feature vibrant colors that kids will enjoy in the shower, as well as the ability to glow in the dark for more fun and entertainment. These toys are great for playing in the water because of their perfect smoothness. Rubber ducks are a great way to get kids to play in the water. The presence of these ducks in the bath will ensure that your youngsters will enjoy their bathing experience.
Endless fun. These may be the simplest, but they will provide hours of water enjoyment for your children. This will make it easier for them to immerse themselves in water for their daily shower. The unique features of our Bubber Duckies Squirt Squeaker provide hours of fun in the water for toddlers and leave them satisfied while bathing!
Excellent quality. Safe for children: Non-toxic. Page in US toy standards. Approved safety test.
Customer Satisfaction. Providing a 100% satisfaction experience is our top priority for our customers. Feel free to send us a message via “Contact the sellers” if the products do not meet your expectations. The festivities begin at JOYIN!

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