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Simply Spell – Part I


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Magnetic matching game for learning the letters from A to T.
A game that teaches all the steps from learning letter recognition, opening and closing letters, spelling and free writing.
Suitable for children from the age of 4 and accompanies the child until the second grade.
You can play at different levels:
Step 1: Study A-B.
Step 2: Signal opens and closes according to the selected panel.
Step 3: Spell a word inside the board.
Step 4: Write freely with the letters.
Step 5: Punctuate the word, you can dot with an erasable marker.
The game includes:
44 magnetic letters of all A-B including the finality.
11 magnet plates with illustrations of: pear, house, camel, door, mountain, hook, olive, milk, tank, child, dog.
Suitable as preparation for first grade.

Ages: 7 – 4