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Kobe and the Blue Giraffe


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By: Christina Litten

The life of Kobe, the yellow giraffe, is completely arranged. Every day is similar to the day before, and that’s exactly how he is used to.
Until one day he meets a blue giraffe, and discovers that there are other worlds as well…
A wonderful story about acceptance and openness, about change and development, and above all – about the wonderful power of friendship!
In our story we follow the different, blue giraffe, which enriches Kobe’s world and reveals to him wonderful worlds and surprising truths. And how well Kobe overcame his initial fears, and how thanks to him all his flock learned to expand the circles of life!

By: Christina Litten

Translation: Gili Bar-Hillel Samu

Ages: 6-2

Cover type: hard

Number of pages: 32

Year of publication: 2020