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Lanolin is a natural breastfeeding ointment


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We tried for breastfeeding mothers.

Soothes, protects and helps treat cracked and sore nipples.
Safe for mother and baby.

Lancino ointment is specially made and undergone breastfeeding mothers in a unique process.
Hypoallergenic and without any additive or preservative.

User manual:
Apply a quantity not exceeding the size of the pea with clean hands to the entire area of the stomata after breastfeeding.
There is no need to remove ointment to try before the next feeding.
It is recommended to use the Lancino ointment before the shower to protect sensitive nipples.

On particularly cold days, the tube may need to be massaged to remove the ointment. Please store in a cool, dry place (not in the refrigerator). Out of reach of children.

Prenatal use:
In the last trimester of your pregnancy, you can use the Lansino ointment to relieve dryness and encourage healthy and soft skin.

100% Lanolin for our HPA.
Pure lanolin in medical grade.