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LilKisThk Bouncer Shapes Toddler Toys Montessori Toys Balance Games of Convenient Box Baby Pile Toys Baby Stack Toys Baby Educational Gift

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נח Noah’s Toys for Toddlers】: We specially designed shapes of animals of the same color to have the same weight. It is ideal for children to experience the principle of balance by placing different animals on either side of the boat. It helps build color recognition ability, learn basic mathematical knowledge and cultivate artistic aesthetics
【Fine motor toys】: Rotate the stacking cubes in different shapes to fit the boat pole. As children try to match the building blocks to the goal, this Montessori sensory toy helps build early form, evokes logical thinking, and activates children’s perception of space as well as hand-eye coordination ability
【Montessori 3D Puzzles and Scene Simulation】: Our Montessori puzzles feature double-sided design, including two jungle and desert themes. This puzzle game is designed to encourage children to explore the mysteries of nature, effectively exercise observation skills, practical ability and stimulate their imagination instead of taking their creativity as they grow up, in today’s digital age.
【Push and Pull Baby Toys】: Install removable pulleys and let’s play in the fun push and pull boat! Early fine motor development included basic things like grip, approach and grip. Our educational toys for toddlers are designed to boost this development and improve the fine motor skills they will need. The eccentric wheel design further embodies the dynamics of the boat floating on the sea, reminiscent of the figure of a living whale. Your little one will love this vibrant ocean boat!
【Christening Gifts for Girls and Boys】: Montessori educational toys for toddlers adopt a skin-friendly polishing process and rounded corner design that will provide comprehensive protection for your child. Made of selected ABS materials, suitable for long-term peace of mind to accompany the baby. We highly appreciate customer feedback and provide a free 90-day return policy

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