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Liquid soap from pure organic oils – for Dr Bronner’s babies


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Liquid soap for babies – no fragrance.

Dr. Brunner recommended 18 different uses for soap, here are some favorites:
• To clean the hands or body: a small amount of soap on a wet palm or on a sponge, rinse.
• Face: Wet the face, 2-3 drops to a wet palm, rub the face in gentle circular motions, rinse and keep away from the eyes.
Shaving: With wet hands, lather a little soap on the face, legs or armpits for a close and smooth shave.
• Hair: Massage thoroughly into wet hair and scalp, to finish you can use conditioner or rinse with white natural vinegar mixed with water and rinse.
• Washing: a quarter cup of soap in the compartment designated for the machine, half a cup of vinegar in the softener compartment. Wonderful for hand washing.
• For washing fruits and vegetables: soak a little soap in a bowl with water soak and rinse.
• At home: Dilute 1:10 in water to clean cutlery. A quarter cup of soap and a liter of water in a spray container for general cleaning. A quarter cup of soap in five liters of warm water to clean floors.
• Cleaning makeup brushes: Rub a little soap on a wet brush, rinse with water and dry.

• Not tested on animals.
• Herbal components only.
• Fully biodegradable.
• Container made of recycled plastic.

Soap made from organic coconut oil and olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic tea tree oil, citric acid, water, vitamin E.