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Live a white noise doll with lighting – maybe the owl

The baby’s new boyfriend! A lovely owl doll that accompanies the baby during sleep and helps to improve his sleep through soothing sounds and gentle lighting


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Plays 4 soothing sounds: heartbeat, rain, static white noise and lullaby
Reconstruction of prenatal noises
3 Volume levels of sounds: low, construction and high – customizable for each situation and each baby
Creates a soothing environment for the baby and helps him sleep peacefully
Includes sensors that detect the baby’s movement and activate the doll to calm him down
3 different degrees of lighting – low, medium and high
The lighting turns off automatically after 30 minutes
Suitable for use from birth
Buttons on the doll’s palms that allow the baby to activate it
Duration of sounds: 20 minutes
The doll cannot be washed
Cleaning with a dry cloth only
Do not use chemicals on the doll to prevent damage to the fabric
4 AA batteries are required to operate the doll (not included)


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