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Logikbook A quiet book for toddlers, Montessori toys for babies, children 10 months to 6 years, a book laden with toys for learning at home or travel made of soft cloth, boards for sensory activities

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Development – Foster your child’s development with an advanced Montessori-inspired textbook. Engage your child in this fun and practical quiet book.
Book of Senses – contains 7 pages of activities for your little one. These activities were put together with the intention of helping your little one improve his motor skills and develop his brain while having fun.
High-quality velvet fabric – the book is embroidered and sewn by hand from high-quality velvet fabric (without felt, without ink). Soft to the touch. Recommended by communication clinics and occupational clinics.
Motor Skill Activities: Sort shapes, sizes and colors from the smallest to the largest, learn fruits and vegetables, learn to count, improve your logic and reasoning, everyday skills.
The perfect gift – Take your Logikbook with you anywhere, by car, train or plane, on vacation or in the waiting room. birth? party? The logicbook would be the best gift idea! In a beautiful box to offer!

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