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Manual breastfeeding pump Mam


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Manual breastfeeding pump Mam

• Has only 4 parts – easy to assemble and clean.

• Flexible funnel that is individually adjusted for intensive pumping.

• Includes an innovative Mam anti-colic bottle.

• All parts are safe to use, without bisphenol A (BPA FREE).

Assessment includes:

1 funnel that can rotate 360 degrees, for a comfortable and pleasant position, with 4 soft pads for a gentle and safe grip.

1 Safety regulator that controls the strength and intensity of the suction and allows the suction to be adjusted for maximum comfort.

1 handle / hand pump in an ergonomic design for a secure and stable grip.

2 replacement silicone parts (pump for pump + safety regulator).

1 closing disc that allows the milk to be kept in a closed bottle, without the nipple.

1 innovative bottle of Mam’s anti-colic.

All parts of the pump can be boiled and sterilized except the handle of the pump.

Warranty on behalf of the official importer, Alpha Cosmetics Ltd.